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Only for whom those will study in Japan

Please feel free to query us on room searching

If you are looking for apartments,now is your best chance.
Leopalace21 will make your life in Japan easier

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Promotion campaigns to support your new life in Japan

We are offering 1 month rent free for a limited time.

You can choose your favorite wallpaper for free.

We also have properties that allow you choose your favorite wallpaper.

Plan for students

Basic furniture and appliances. You do not even need to pay for the utilities services. We have a highly recommended plan for students.

Leopalace21 will ease your worries about studying in Japan.

I want English assistance

The Leopalace21 will not only provide you with information in English about various issues like transportation fare, accessibility and the environment, but also will introduce you apartments that fit your needs.

About Leopalace’s services・features

Case 2: More than one tenant

You can split up your room with 2 friends at Monthly contract (Prepaid contract), and upto 1 friend at Chintai contract (Monthly payment system).

Basic knowledge about real estate in Japan.

I want to know about available services after contract.

Leopalace21 offers special services for leopalace` leaseholders.

  • Work

    We had prepared a website with job information

  • Internet

    Internet connection service and video-on-demand* available

  • Rent

    You can rent a PC, car or bicycle with a preferential rate*.

Check other services

You can inquiry about apartments in Japan with us. You can inquiry about accommodations through our website. Please feel free to inquiry with us.

The good points about renting with Leopalace21

Most apartments have furniture and electric appliances, you just need to move in.

All apartments are furnished on prepaid Monthly and Short term plans. Choose between furnished or unfurnished apartments on Long term contract.

Choose a building with home security;

36- Omline monitoring watches over your safety and home security 24h/365 days. If one of the sensors sense an abnormality, alert signal will be sent automatically to the central station and a security officer will hasten to the scene. Along with the security officer, officers from the police department, fire department / gas company will also be contacted according to the situation needs.

We have lot of loft type apartments;

You can organize your stuff inside of the loft, and can make better use of the living space

  • The large space of the loft

  • You can keep all your books and your personal stuff inside

  • You can make better use of the space

You can inquiry about apartments in Japan with us. You can inquiry about accommodations through our website. Please feel free to inquiry with us.
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Room searching at Leopalace 21

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  • For business purposes

Leopalace 21 supports your living in Japan

Special and attractive services by Leopalace21

  • We propose the apartment searching for the students of your school.

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