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Leopalace Tenant's Support Team

Leopalace Tenant's Support Team

For parents and students planning to move to their own apartment after graduation!!

For those who have decided their next school or work and is considering to live by themselves, and those who have not yet decided school and work, have yet to start looking for apartments…but is looking for apartment information. We have good news for you. Once you register and become a member of 「Leopalace Tenant's Support Team」, we will provide you valuable information regarding apartments and tips regarding living alone through e-mail. There are other promotions only for members as well. Lets register and find out.

Benefits of registering with Tennant's Support Team

Novelty goods present to all registered customers

Novelty goods contents might change without previous notice

Present give away raffle every month

We will send the prize directly to the winner.

Mail magazine with information about bachelor life and new apartments

20000 G-points when introducing a friend who signs a contract with Leopalace21.

Please find the details within the "Tenant Introduction Campaign" leaflet

10000JPY discount applicable to your contract

Target Persons
Students planning to study in Japan, freshmen looking for an apartment in Japan starting 2015 and parents as well.


Room searching at Leopalace 21

  • For international students
  • For business purposes

Leopalace 21 supports your living in Japan

Special services offered by Leopalace21

  • We propose the apartment searching for the students of your school.

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