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Renting apartments in Japan

Peculiar Japanese apartments - Understand better with the illustrations and explanations attached!

Entrance Bathroom ・ toilet Electric appliances Furnitures Kitchen Walls ・ Window Refrigerator ・ washing machine Storage space Loft


Anybody can easily enter into the entrance from outside. Since the door lock is of an inserting type, it is easy to open when the structure of the key hole is simple.

At Leopalace 21...
There is a high-security card key to lock the door. You can see the visitors through the video intercom. *

Bathroom ・ toilet

Usually there is a shower attached to the bathtub and an integrated Western style toilet.
For the utilities, you need to make a contract with each utility company and pay to them according to the quantity consumed.

At Leopalace 21...
Bathroom and toilet are separated.*

Furnitures ・ Electric appliances

Since there are no furnitures at all, you need to buy everything by yourself.
In order to use the internet, you need to make a contract with the internet provider.

At Leopalace 21...
The rooms are furnished with the basic facilities such as TV, microwave and bed. Broadband service is also available.*


A small cooking stove is placed beside the sink.. In old apartments, there are usually no stoves.

At Leopalace 21...
Gas/electric stove with two burners.*

Walls ・ Window

The older the building, the louder wil be the sounds of the neighbours and from outside.

At Leopalace 21...
Designed with sound, thermal insulation and earthquake resistance. We adopt the splinterless security glass in the window.*

Refrigerator ・ washing machine

Necessary to buy by yourself before your move-in.

At Leopalace 21...
Set in most of the rooms.*

Storage space

Closets for clothes storage and daily goods are usually placed. However there is not enough space in the studio apartments.

At Leopalace 21...
Besides the closet, there is a storage space below the bed and you can make great use of the living space.*


Since the loft space is upstairs, you can make effective use of the rest of the room.
However, most of the apartments do not allow room sharing.

At Leopalace 21...
The number of tenants is up to 2 persons in Chintai contract and up to 3 in the Monthly contract.
It is possible to use the available spaces in various ways and share the room comfortably with your roommates.*
  • *Facilities and structure may differ depending on the apartment. For details, please inquire with us.

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Offices guidance
Offices guidance