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Basic knowledge about rental in Japan

Chintai contract ・ Room searching's terminology

[Chintai contract]

Rent Monthly room usage fee.
Apart from the rent, there are occasions when fees for building maintenance and common area use are necessary.
Deposit In order to compensate for the possible damages caused by the tenant, the amount equivalent to 1~2 months rent needs to be paid.
Reikin (Gratuity fee) Customary payment at the time of the contract to show gratitude to the owner. This is a non-refundable fee normally equivalent to 1~2 months rent.
Brokerage comission Administrative fee for the real state agency as a reward for the rooms introduction.
Usually equivalent to one month rent.
Renewal fee Fee paid for the renewal of the contract every 2 years. Normally equivalent to 1~2 months rent.
Guarantor The person necessary at the time of the contract to provide guarantee to the tenant. An adult who has an independent living is the essential condition. A Japanese guarantor is often required.

[Symbols for the floor plan of the apartments]

L Living room
D Dining room
K Kitchen
WC Water Closet (toilet)
UB Unit Bath
CL Closet
J Jou (one tatami) The room size in Japan is usually represented by the number of tatamis (1 tatami = approximately 1.65㎡)

How are accomodations for rental? Compare the characteristics and differences

Apartments: affordable one bedroom type is the most predominant

Low-rise housings constructed of wood and steel. Compared to condominiums, apartments are cheaper, but usually the buildings are old and do not provide enough sound insulation, earthquake resistance and security. You may feel especially insecure at the rooms on the 1st floor. Deposit and gratuity fee are necessary.

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Condominiums: High security and there are variety of room types

Mid-to-high-rise housings constructed of ferroconcrete. Different types of rooms from 1 bedroom to 2~3LDK. Deposit and gratuity fee are necessary and the rent tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, there is an auto-lock gate at the main entrance and the rooms provide more privacy.
Excellent facilities and high-security.

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Room sharing: You can save on the living expenses by spliting with your roommate.

Apartments or houses where you share the rooms with other tenants (There are cases when the bedroom is also shared). The rent and the utilities are divided between the members of the house, lowering the costs. But, as the toilet and bathroom are common spaces, it's necessary to have consideration for the other tenants. It's not appropriated for those who are not accustomed to share common spaces.

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Guesthouse: Living together with many other tenants in one house

Each part of the house will be shared with other tenants.
Refrigerator, washing machine and other daily utensils are set on the common area.
Inconvenient when you need to use the common area since the hours most used overlap with others.

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Students' hall: The manager will provide the meals and support to your life

Accomodation facilities exclusive for students, administrated by companies or individuals. Usually the facilities are furnished and there are private rooms. (Bathroom and toilet are for shared use). The manager resides in the facility and prepare the meals in the morning and night.
However, you cannot go out freely because there is a curfew.

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Dormitory: cheap accomodation by bedroom sharing

Facility administrated by the school and exclusive for its students.
Accomodation expenses are about 3,000~20,000 yen/month including the furnitures, so you can save a lot on your living expenses.
However there is not much privacy since you need to share the bedroom, and follow the scheduled time for the meals and curfew.

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  • *There are also non-furnished apartments.

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