Leopalace21 Features

Leopalace21's service

※The facilities provided are limited to properties owned by Leopalace.Leopalace Partners and its intermediary properties have different features.

Unlimited use of
Internet via Wi-fi

Economical Internet usage plan, starting at 3,630JPY/month!

LEONET Service is an exclusive service for residents living in Leopalace21 apartments. You can enjoy using the Internet, and enjoy "Android TVTM" by connecting the Life Stick to TV.
Entertainment services such as CS channel and broadcast videos are substantial. We also provide several contents that are free of charge!

  • ※1To use the Wi-fi service, you need to subscribe to our plan that includes the Internet service.(availabe in Standard Plan/Premium Plan)
  • Android TV is a trademark of Google Inc.
  • ADSL or ISDN properties do not require Internet usage fee.
  • If you use a paid service, the fee must be paid separately.

Fully equipped room for your convenience

Fully furnished rooms available for your choosing

With our "Short Term Plan", the room is fully equipped with basic facilities such as air conditioner, bed, table, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, and TV. Unlike a hotel, you can start your life by living in a room that feels just like your own room. With our "Chintai Plan", you can choose a room with or without furnitures and home appliances.

  • The furnitures and home appliances included may vary from property to property, so please check before signing the contract.
Controlling home appliances from smartphone made easy with LeoRemocon

LeoRemocon is a high-performance remote control that allows you to control home appliances in your home indoors or on the go via smartphone. By installing it in each room of our Leopalace property, we aim to provide residents with a rich and comfortable life.

Equipped with top-notch security equipment

Facilities to ensure the safety of women living alone

There are plenty of properties with auto lock gates, intercoms with monitors attached, and security glass.

Turning your smartphone into room key with Leo Lock

Leo Lock is a smart lock feature that can lock and unlock door with your smartphone. The durability and reliability that is a key is firmly secure within your phone, making it one less thing to worry about.

A structure devised to ensure sound isolation

Equipments to facilitate noise issues

The "non-sound system", which utilizes the latest technology for floors, walls, and plumbing, is being introduced to newly-built properties. We are increasing more and more rooms with excellent built-in sound insulation system.

Consultation on finding a room
by phone call can be done here (within Japan only)

048-233-9385 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:30048-233-9385 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:30