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Monthly contract

What you need is already set from the beginning. This is possible with Leopalace 21 Monthly contract.

For example you can use like this...

I often visit Japan every month for business. Hotels are expensive, so I would like to live comfortably in an apartment.

At Leopalace 21...

Possible to stay in a furnished room from 30 days and utilize the Right of room use in several periods!
On the Short-term Plan of the Monthly Contract, it is possible to rent a furnished apartment from 30 days, adding more days as your convenience (1-day basis).
For those who often visit and stay in Japan, we recommend the purchase of the 'Right of use' of more than 90 days, so that you can utilize your room use in monthly units (there is no expiration of the 'Right of use')

10 advantages of Leopalace 21's Monthly contract

  • ①No deposit or gratuity fee

    At the usual rental method in Japan, two month rents will be necessary.

  • ②Furnished

    Furnished with the furnitures and electric appliances!

  • ③No need to pay the utilities

    In Japan, usually it costs about 19,000yen per month for utilities!

  • ④Internet Service

    You can watch films and dramas as well!

  • ⑤Easy tenant screening and simple procedures

    No need of a guarantor at the prepaid system!

  • ⑥Stays from 30 days

    Easily moving to another apartment according to your needs!

  • ⑦Life support service

    Assistance in English! Special services after your move-in!

  • ⑧Up to 3 tenants!

    You can share a cozy room with your friends!

  • ⑨Security system

    Safety with the Video Intercom and the card key!

  • ⑩Convenient ticket system

    Possible to utilize each ticket of the Right of room use in separate occasions at the prepaid system!

For those with the following needs:

  • Want to save on the initial expenses when moving-in
  • Want to live with my friends
  • Have no friends in Japan who can help
  • Want to move-out soon from my current apartment
  • Do not have a guarantor
  • Cannot live without internet
  • Even for a short period, prefer to stay at my own home instead of a hotel
  • Have visited Japan many times in short-terms for business trips

Special services at Leopalace 21!
We also give assistance in English after your move-in!

Feel free to contact us!

Offices guidance
Offices guidance