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Chintai contract

Stay for a long period with reduced move-in expenses under the Leopalace 21's Chintai contract

For example...

I will be transferred to Japan and stay for a few years so I want to pay the rent month by month. However I do not want to spend money for furnitures and electric appliances.

At Leopalace 21...

Choose your furnished/unfurnished room and save on the initial expenses!
If you look for long-term accomodations, we recommend the Chintai contract. You can choose your furnished/unfurnished room and the initial fee is cheaper!

7 advantages of Leopalace 21

  • ①No brokerage fee

    The payment for this fee is on average 1 month rent in Japan

  • ②You can choose furnished or unfurnished rooms

    There are plenty of rooms with furniture and electric appliances!

  • ③Internet Service

    You can watch films and dramas as well!

  • ④Easy tenant screening and simple procedures

    Guarantor is basically unnecessary!

  • ⑤Life support service

    Assistance in English! Special services after your move-in!

  • ⑥Up to 2 tenants!

    You can share a cozy room with your friends!

  • ⑦Security system

    Safety with the Video Intercom and the card key!

For those who...

  • Want to save on the initial expenses
  • Want to pay the rent on a monthly basis
  • Need to stay for long time in Japan for business/ studies
  • Do not have any guarantor

Exclusive services of Leopalace 21! Assistance in English!

Feel free to contact us!

Offices guidance
Offices guidance