Steps to Contract

There are many foreign employees in Leopalace21.
English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese are available in some of our offices.
The procedure can be finished by the Internet without visiting the office.


※For more details, please confirm with our staffs through phone or inquiry form.

Steps to Contract

  • 1Apartment search Available Online

    You can ask for the detail information of the apartments that you found suitable on the Internet from our offices.
    Staffs in the office could be  introducing other apartments that meet your needs as well.

  • 2View the apartment Available Online

    You can also come to our office directly and check the detail information of apartments. It is also possible to view the apartments with our staff’s assistance, so you can check the room details that could not be clarified by internet.

  • 3Application Available Online

    With decision on which apartment to rent, there comes the moving in application. The screening before moving in will start after submitting the necessary documents.
    *the necessary documents might be different according to contract type. For more details, please contact with our offices.

  • 4Contract Available Online

    If the screening goes smoothly, the next step is signing the contract.
    After explaining the information of the apartment and the contract’s contents in detail, you will sign the contract.

  • 5Move in

    Finishing the signing of the contract, the key will be handed over in the office on the move-in day.
    The important notices can be asked for from the staffs in the office.

  • ※The procedure above is just an example.It might be various depending on the exact condition.

Notes about the Online system

・It takes several days to complete the contract when applying for a property from the website. If you wish to move in as soon as possible, please come directly to the nearest store.
・Communication will occurs using video call. Pay attention to the amount of communication when using a paid service or a network line / plan with an upper limit on communication charges.

Precautions when making a contract

・Identity verification documents ※1

Depending on the customer's current residence / contract details (rental / monthly)
The required confirmation documents are different.
Currently living in Japan ...
Residence card, occupation (school) proof, passport, etc.
Currently living overseas ...
Passport, Certificate of Eligibility, VISA, Proof of Occupation (Enrollment), etc.

・Cellphone number ※2

You need to own a mobile phone of a carrier in Japan.

・Bank account ※2

Limited to Japanese bank accounts, withdrawals will be made in advance from the account in your name on the 27th of every month.
In addition, an administrative fee of 477 JPY (excluding tax) is required for withdrawal.

※1 Required documents vary depending on the contract details.For details, we will inform you when you contact us.
※2 Required only for rental plans. (Excluding monthly / short-term plans)
If it is difficult to obtain when signing the contract, please prepare within 2 weeks after the contract.

Every thing can be done without visiting the office!

Consultation on finding a room
by phone call can be done here (within Japan only)

0570-048-021 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:300570-048-021 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:30