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Short-term Plan + Chintai Contract

Familiarize with the life in Japan: use the Monthly Contract on the first 60 days, then switch to Chintai Contract!

For example...

You decide to study abroad and stay in Japan for 2 years until graduation. You want to reserve a room before your arrival in Japan, but still cannot provide all the required documents for the Chintai Contract.

In Leopalace 21...

Rent first by using the Monthly contract, then switch to Chintai Contract without changing apartments.
Rent for the first 60 days using the Monthly Contract and then switch to Chintai Contract using the 'Short-term Plan + Chintai Contract'. No guarantor needed for the Chintai Contract (the Monthly Contract does not require a guarantor either).

Advantages of 'Short-term Plan + Chintai Contract' of Leopalace21

First 60 days ... Monthly Contract

Then ... Chintai Contract

For those who...

  • Want to rent using the month-by-month payment Chintai Contract, but still did not prepare all the required documents
  • Want to rent for a short period with the Monthly Contract and then decide if want to rent with the Chintai Contract.
  • Are coming for the first time to Japan

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