Leopalace21's contract plan

From fixed-term stay to long-term stay,

Leopalace21 can help choose a contract plan to suit our customers' needs.

  • Chintai (Long term) Plan

    Chintai (Long term) Plan

    From 1 year to long-term stay. Furnishings and home appliances are included, so you can move in at a low cost without any brokerage fees.

  • Short term (Tanki)・Monthly Plan

    Short term (Tanki)・Monthly Plan

    Suitable for those who have determined the length of stay. Contracts can be made for a minimum of 30 days up to 90 days in one-day increments.
    Or you can use it on a monthly basis with a contract of more than six months.


Steps to Contract

Consultation on finding a room
by phone call can be done here (within Japan only)

0570-048-021 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:300570-048-021 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:30