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For business purposes

For those who want to have the cheapest option during the stay in Japan. At Leopalace 21, we offer safe, comfortable and reasonable rooms.

Case 1
Stay for a short-term for business or training

Use the convenient 'Right of use' from 30 days at Leopalace 21!

I need to stay in Japan for more than 1 month on business and plan to come and stay again. I want to find the cheapest accomodation and do not want to stay in a hotel.

Count on Leopalace 21
At the short-term plan under the Monthly contract, it is possible to use a furnished room from 30 days on a 10 days basis. For those who often visit and stay in Japan, we recommend the purchase of the 'Right of use' of more than 90 days, so that you can utilize the rooms in monthly units (there is no expiration of the 'Right of use')
Case 2
Stay for a mid to a long-term on an overseas project

It is cheaper for longer stays under the Leopalace 21's Monthly contract!

I became a member of a large-scale overseas project and need to stay in Japan for more than half a year. Hotels are expensive, so I want to live comfortably in a private room.

Count on Leopalace 21
Under the Monthly plan, the expense per month is cheaper for longer stays.
With furnished rooms and free internet, you can have a comfortable life and feel like you are at your own home.

Case 3
Stays in Japan for few years due to a job transfer

Since the rooms are furnished, you can start your life easily and save on the initial expenses!

I will stay in Japan for at least 4~5 years because I was assigned to stay in Japan. Since it is a long period, I prefer to stay in an apartment and not in a hotel.
However, since I need to buy all the furnitures such as television and bed which I do not have, I am afraid the initial cost is going to be huge.

Count on Leopalace 21
Under the Monthly contract, furnitures are already set before your move-in, so you save money on the purchase expenses and start your new life easily.
Moreover, since you do not need to pay for the utilities, you can save the trouble for the applications and payments.

At Leopalace21, we also offer a variety of special services!
There is also support in English after your move-in!

Feel free to contact us!

Offices guidance
Offices guidance