Leopalace21 is committed to
providing accommodation and
supporting your comfortable living in Japan.

Leopalace21 has properties in all 47 prefectures, mainly in the major cities.

Leopalace21's features

  • Almost all the rooms have furnitures Almost all the rooms have furnitures

    With lower initial cost, start your new life as soon as you move in.

    Fully Furnished

  • 仲介手数料不要仲介手数料不要

    Minimal moving-in costs.

    No intermediary fee

  • 海外から申込可能海外から申込可能

    Contract details can be explained via video conference. (Limited to long-term contract)

    Overseas application

  • 5言語対応の外国語専門窓口5言語対応の外国語専門窓口

    If you are troubled while living in Japan, our multi-language staff is available for speedy help

    Leopalace21 provides
    foreign language service in 5 languages.

  • 全国57万戸*の管理実績全国57万戸*の管理実績

    Find an apartment that suits you the best*As of March 2018

    Focusing on the 3 main metropolitan areas
    with 570,000 units* under administration

Leopalace21's features

Multiple ways of renting

You can choose different methods of making a contract according to your convenience from short term plan to long term plan.
We also offer home stay for sightseeing!

  • 賃貸契約

    Chintai (Long term) Plan

    For stay that is more than one year. We provide furnitures and there is no intermediary fee, so you can move in with lower initial cost.

  • 短期・マンスリー契約

    Short Term Plan

    Perfect for those with a fixed length of stay. Contracts can be made in units of 1 day from 30 days at the shortest to 180 days at the longest.

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For customers living in Japan,

please feel free to contact us.

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Consultation on finding a room
by phone call can be done here (within Japan only)

048-233-9385 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:30048-233-9385 Within Japan only 10:00 〜 18:30
With the basic
information about you
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