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For room searching in Japan, try our trustworthy and high-grade services!

Leopalace21 support the foreign students!
There's almost 4.600* foreign students living in our apartments.

・We have staff to assist you in English.
・We offer furnished apartments with security system service, Internet and electronic devices.
*Information of December 2011.

  • Convenience with furnished apartments with the Monthly Contract
  • Save the initial expenses for long stays with the Chintai contract

Many special plans! For more details : Japan (general Inquiries): 0120-929-821(Only inside Japan) * For those who already live in Leopalace21, contact the following number for internet problems (LEO-NET) :0120-707-356 Feel free to contact through the WEB site and Leopalace offices! WEBLeopalace offices

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Trust and experience! You will find your ideal apartment among the 540,000 options we offer !

  • The center of Japan with its advanced technology and culture

  • The biggest city in West Japan with a vibrant atmosphere

  • A city full of originality with its own unique culture

  • The gateway to Asia with a mild climate

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